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Citronelle Lobster Burger Secrets Revealed


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Did anyone else see Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything on PBS Saturday morning? It featured Michel Richard (who is a complete nutter) and he made his infamous lobster burger.

Ingedients may or may not included:

Lobster meat that has been gently poached whole in its shell and then diced

Scallop paste as a binder

shredded basil leaves

all turned into a burger and gently sauteed

Apparently Michel is a lover of mayo and kept busting on Bittman when ever he didn't use any mayo.

The show also had a nice shout out to Breadline, when Bittman ran down the street to get "the best bread in DC." Mark Furstenberg had a small cameo when he deadpans to Bittman, "Hope you're going to pay for that" as he runs out the door.

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