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Tortino, Chef Noé Canales' Italian Classics on 11th and N Street in Shaw

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Tortino is a really good neighborhood place. It's been open for at least a couple of years now.

I've probably been a half dozen times. Their lamb shank served over risotto (at $32, on the pricier side for the menu) is terrific and their pastas are generally very good. I'd recommend the fettuccine bolognese, lamb agnolotti, spinach pappardelle, and butternut squash ravioli - all the pasts are available in 1/2 orders.

I've tried several appetizers, but never been wowed. I'll typically skip them to leave room for their excellent tiramisu or coconut sorbet (if they have it).

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Despite living a block and a half away for more than two years, my girlfriend and I had never been here until last weekend. It was a refreshing change of pace from the cramped, boisterous, self-conscious, small plate places to which we've grown accustomed.  Nothing groundbreaking on the menu but we enjoyed what we had.  The service was attentive without being overbearing.  Not in a huge rush to go back but it's a great neighborhood option.

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Funny, I dined here for the first time recently as well and have been meaning to post about it. I don't live nearby, but I'd been aware of it for awhile and had heard good things. I had a friend staying nearby so suggested it for dinner on a frigid night. I agree with @funkyfood's description. I had the grilled octopus, the fettuccine alla bolognese, and the key lime pie, which was a special the night we were there. I enjoyed everything. My husband and my friend enjoyed their food as well. I took a chance bringing my 3-year-old along. She's usually pretty good in restaurants but not always, and of course on this night she was a bit difficult (I was just imagining the forthcoming Yelp reviews). Our waiter was very nice about it and engaged directly with her at least a couple of times. I always especially appreciate this in restaurants that don't see a lot of very young customers. I figure the waiters at our usual haunts in Silver Spring are more used to dealing with toddling diners. :-)

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