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Kali's Mezze, Thames Street in Fells Point - Middle-Eastern Small Plates Next To Kali's Court

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I will be in Baltimore (Canton) quite a bit this summer. Tonight we will be heading to Mezze, Kali's Court little sister. Has anyone been lately? I was there last summer, and even though I remember the portions being substantial, I don't remember much. It has been years since I have been to Kali's Court itself. Opinions? I also hear that the group is opening a European style eatery just down the street from Kali's. Selling Sundries?

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What did you think? I stop in at Mezze from time to time for a drink and a plate or two but I don't love it. It is a convenient stop for nourishment after a marathan shopping session at the Sound Garden. I haven't had a full meal there in many moons.

I never go to Kali's Court, it is expensive and I've heard too many nightmare stories about the service but I can't verify it first hand. I would be happy to hear those stories are no longer true.

And, I also heard about the place they are planning to open around the corner and am intrigued.

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Is this the spot that is in (or near) the Admiral Fell Inn?

Meli is in the Admiral Fell Inn. They also have Adela, a tapas place now in the Inn.

Mezze is up the street near the record store and tattoo place.

I think all three are run by the same group.

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Overall Kali's Mezze took care of what we were looking for.  Located on a quaint, cobblestone street at the end of Fell's Point, it's a handsome restaurant and the outdoor courtyard looked like it would great on a warm sunny afternoon.  We were catching up with a friend who has been doing contract work in Baltimore.  Food wasn't necessarily the priority, we were looking for a nice restaurant to have a nice evening.

That said, the food was merely ok.  Dinner started with a large basket of toasted pita bread and a dish of olive oil and tapenade which was olivey and salty but not very complex.  We then worked through 7 dishes including a good roasted eggplant with haloumi, a haloumi flatbread topped with supermarket level tomato, zucchini fritters, terrible falafel, an ok crabcake, decent mussels, and surprisingly good lima beans in a tomato sauce.  Portions are large and we probably over ordered.

While we had a fun evening, the food is several steps below Zaytinya, Kapnos, and Cava in quality and style.

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