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Hunan Taste - Cantonese With a New Owner and Chef in Saratoga Shopping Center, Springfield

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I was debating whether or not this place deserved its own thread, but I recently learned that it is under new ownership and has a new Cantonese chef. The menu is still the same -- until the end of the month -- but the food is actually edible.

Carry-out tonight was Hunan Vegetables, Kung Pao Tofu, Garlic Seafood Combo, Crispy Shredded Chicken, and Spicy Eight Treasures. No need to go dish-by-dish, but the quality upgrade over the previous version of this place is significant. Lady KN and I agreed that we would order every one of these dishes again.

No, this is not a destination restaurant, but thankfully, this plaza has a legitimate Americanized Chinese option to go with Kanjana Thai as not-too-bad places to eat.

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