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Dining Near Potomac Mills

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I need new shoes, just simple black flats but I'm having a heck of a time. The solution, as it almost always turns out to be, is a trip to Potomac Mills. I start at one end of the mall and stop at every shoe store until I find a pair of shoes that fits.

But where to have lunch????? Surely there must be something decent nearby that is easy to find.

I so often get Popeyes or give in to my secret Bob Evans fetish, but I want to branch out. Help me!


{Note that I checked Don's list of places in Virginia and clearly he has shoe needs that are more easily met than mine OR there is nothing out there...}


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IN the mall, your options are severely limited. I once (in a funk and bored at work) totaled the restaurants in the couple of mile square area around Potomac Mills - there are over 30 restaurants, all but a few of which are chains. There are very few choices. It's why we cook at home.

Behind the Popeyes on Smoketown Rd (a little west of the Mall) there is the Taste of Tandoor for Indian. There's also a Filipino deli/store next to the Tandoor. Depending on how far you want to go (but it's back on your way) there are the Dixie Bones barbecue place and Almita's Mexican both on Occoquan Road in Woodbridge. There is the Tiger Thai (I think that's the name) in the same center as the Staples and Comp USA stores, that I've never tried. Also on Smoketown west of the mall, there's the El Paso Mexican.

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Famous Dave's has been a favorite for lunch (I work in Springfield).  Their pulled-pork is good but the last time we were there it was like the portion control police had taken over.  The "Devil's Spit" BBQ sauce is the spicy one and it's good. The lunch platters come with cole slaw on the side if you want it and your choice of baked beans (really good but not a great choice when you have to go back to work), fries which are of the hefty variety and (if I remember correctly) some sort of spiced apple sections.  The best thing about FD's is the "worst seat in the house". If you take this seat, you get a discount (and with good reason, it's a terrible location).  I'd put FD's on about the same level as Red, Hot and Blue and below the original Dixie Pig on Route 1.  For a Minnesota barbecue chain, it's not bad.

Where is the FDs in Springfield? When I lived there (up through December 2003), it was basically a wasteland. The Filipino place (Manila cafe) was OK, there was a Thai place by the mall that was good enough to pay for if you asked them for it hot. And my in-laws have taken us several times to Sam Pan Cafe, which is a highly underrated Cantonese place, if you have someone there to order for you (that unintelligible but fascinating negotiation that is required for a properly balanced meal in the Cantonese or Sichuan oeuvres). But there's not a lot there. So here's a thread for new news. And yes, I know it's only 20 minutes drive to Eve <_< .

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