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Sushi--Rockville, north Bethesda, Bethesda


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You know it is all cute when your kid starts to like real food. Until you realize he eats more than you do and has more expensive tastes.

We have two hours between the end of his school day and choir practice on Tuesdays. I won't battle the traffic home just to turn around and go back out. So we eat out must weeks.

He is begging for sushi for dinner. But that gets expensive fast and I honestly don't have any idea where in the Rockville/Bethesda area to go.

Thanks for ideas!

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Tako Grill on Wisconsin Ave is very good, or at least was when Chef Kudo was around (he went back to Japan a couple years ago).  It wasn't cheap but it also wasn't the most expensive place, either, and had good fish if you knew what to order / whom to ask what to order.

Never mind.  Just read an old review posted by, um, me in the Tako Grill thread that gave a less than stellar report about the restaurant after Chef Kudo left.  Having not been back in years, I had forgotten just how much quality had slipped.

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For cheap(er), but decently fresh sushi in Bethesda, I would recommend Hinata. They don't have a website, but a good variety of options in-store. Plus, you can buy some Japanese snacks...

Here are other selections on the Bethesda website.

I second the Goodeats' Hinata recommendation, unless you're really looking for a "restaurant" feel.  You'll have a more intimate experience at the back of this little family run grocery store -- 4 seats, father making sushi, mother manning the cash register, daughter sometimes doing homework behind the counter.  Really nice people, and the sushi is good, too.

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