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I didn't find anything on MGM Roast Beef in a google search for DR.com and their name.... so I think this is a new thread...

I can't vouch for it personally, but one of these days I want to try to MGM Roast Beef - it's near the Arboretum and Home Depot. Unfortunately I'm never in the neighborhood during their open hours, but it kind of seems like one of those those no-frills deli/sandwich shops that are common in the Northeast but for the most part absent in DC. (I don't eat meat anymore, but they have a veggie burger, so I can just go and inhale the roast beef aroma...)

I think it may have only counter seating though, definitely not a sit down for a group kind of place.

Driving to Home Depot from Fla Ave, I saw the sign for this spot... but no restaurant, just the auto auction.  But as you pass the building, there it is.  I did not understand the ordering system so here is a primer....

If you are ordering togo, go to the left to the large "Order Here sign, but stop and grab a sheet of paper {white for sandwich and green for a salad} and check off what you want.  Then hang out by the cash register for your meal to be called out.  One sandwich per sheet of paper.  If you want to sit at the counter, you go to the counter and grab an order sheet and choose your sandwich or salad, but at the counter, another nice person comes, grabs your sheet and returns with the food.  Everyone there had french fries which looked quite good.  The desserts were huge and might have been made locally or off the food truck.

I wanted a mixed white and dark turkey and ordered such with mayo and Swiss.  When I found out they were out of dark meat turkey, I switched to roast brisket on the recommendation of the meat slicer {no, I am not talking to Hobart restaurant equipment, at least not yet... a very nice gentleman}  So I actually had a brisket sandwich with Swiss and mayo.  Never before and I never will again.  But aside from the crappy bread out of a bag, the sandwich was really good.  I tried to order a Devil's Backbone IPA and my sandwich was gone and I was not feeling the beer love before the manager came over and showed the guy trying to get me my beer that the gas was turned off.  At that point, I told him I wasn't up for beer and he refunded my money is a second.  I htink my sandwich was $11 or 4!@, not cheap but not bad at all for its flavor and bellyfillingness.  I wonder if I could bring my own bread and hand it tot he meat slicer?  

They also serve breakfast and advise you to try a meat topped waffle.  They also advertise pulled pork on Tuesdays.  The turkey is a real {I suspect the latter is why they were out of dark meat} breast from a real turkey.  The Ham a huge thing that looked less good than the other stuff.  The top round is hand sliced for medium rare roast beef and I think the one I saw was sliced too thick.  

I will be back as I suspect there are a few more trips to Home Depot in my near future.  And there are prescious few places open in Shaw at lunchtime.

By the way, the Rhode Island Home Depot has the best service I have ever had in a Home Depot, except for one very unpleasant cashier.  Its a very pleasant shop which I cannot say for most other HDs I go to.  Jermaine, who helps you load by the pro contractor's desk, is in particular, a real delight!

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Try an onion roll next time Dean.  Small upcharge but it's at least a passable bread delivery device.

If you go during a big rush they'll be pulling out whole turkeys and pulling the dark meat - pretty sure it's all real, but I agree the ham and top round are not as good as the brisket and turkey.

If you like the Five Guys style of fries, and the sandwich alone isn't enough of a gutbomb, theirs are very good.

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We love MGM, but usually call in our order ahead of time to pick it up instead of waiting in line. Haven't eaten at the place in a while, but the times we've had breakfast it's been good...nothing crazy special, but good.

The sandwiches aren't cheap, but they are high quality. I echo the advice to get the onion/poppy roll as well. That is my go-to. Mixed turkey or brisket are my favorite options as well. My +1 likes the ham. I haven't had the top-round in a while, so I will defer to above comments on thickness and slicing and what not.

Love the turkey with a little cranberry chutney and gravy. Thanksgiving! Like the brisket with BBQ sauce and cheddar.

Huge sandwiches are very filling. Fries are good as well.

ETA: Pretty much every time my parents come to visit on a weekend and are here for lunch they ask to get sandwiches from MGM. They are hooked!

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We somehow had never tried MGM before a few months ago, but it's now solidly in the weekend lunch rotation. The ordering system is confusing (or at least was for me), but Dean's description above is a useful primer. So far my preference is the Breentwood, which is roast beef, onions, banana peppers, tomato, lettuce and horseradish on a sesame roll. The Down South, which is brisket topped with cole slaw and bbq sause on an onion roll is also pretty fantastic. And even though it's relatively new, it feels like a place that's been around for decades. We are huge fans. 

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Top round, medium rare (if possible), onions, horseradish sauce on an onion roll with some extra horseradish on the side.  Plus a side of FF & gravy.

We don't eat there as much as we did when we first moved to NE since we have actual choices (!) within walking distance now but I love that sandwich and am always happy to go back.

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