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The Ultimate Bloody Mary


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Some people can't leave well enough alone, can they?

Rachel Sergi showed me the joys of adding an ounce or two of Guinness to a bloody mary...and as she did (and some other places too), adding a small piece of some dried meat of some sort is also quite good. But keep things in proportion, man!

My mom likes her bloody marys with "bakon" vodka. She also likes Clamato. One day I may "accidentally" leave my bottle of salmon flavored vodka at my parents' house.

(My dad isn't a bloody mary fan except at Eat the Rich, it seems.)

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This came up in discussion a week ago when a guy I know got this in Texas while there for a wedding.


(sorry for the rotation)

Grilled cheese, pizza bagel, chicken nugget, sausage, meatball, pepperoni, egg roll, taquito, pickle, okra, cheese, jalapeno, cauliflower, cucumber, olive, tomato, habanero bloody Mary. $8.

And there's this guy in Canada


the $60 (US $53) Checkmate at sports bar Score on Davie is garnished with (drumroll please): a full roast chicken, Score burger, slider, chicken wings, onion rings, pulled pork mac and cheese hot dog and a brownie. For dessert, obviously. It takes 20 minutes to prepare, is intended for two people, and is not served during typical brunch hours on Saturday and Sunday. It's also technically a Caesar, a Canadian riff on the Bloody Mary that is flavored with Clamato.

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Boy, I loved bloody's for a long time.  I liked them very spicy.  With that much spice I preferred vodka, as the volume of spices, flavorings,  tomato juice etc would overwhelm any taste element from gin or tequila, at least the way I made or ordered or spiced them.

The grotesque contraptions above sort of made me sick.  I guess its satire, but it also appears to be at least a wee bit serious.  I can easily swing into a knucklehead attitude...but those things are gross and turned off even an old lush like myself.

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On ‎3‎/‎28‎/‎2014 at 11:57 AM, DaveO said:

One of our staffers found this picture.  Its the kind of thing that would make me swear off alcohol:



On ‎3‎/‎29‎/‎2014 at 6:28 PM, The Hersch said:

I do believe the picture is satire, and I found it very amusing.


On ‎3‎/‎30‎/‎2014 at 0:30 PM, JDawgBBall9 said:

This came up in discussion a week ago when a guy I know got this in Texas while there for a wedding.

I think it is Texas thing and I fear it is all too real.  I would not drink this if the Chef Point in Watauga, TX, paid me the $35.  It would only encourage others.


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