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Ultra - Booze Delivery Service Opens In DC ... And Is Told To Cease And Desist

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I'm not sure if this represents an advance of civilization or not.

"Ultra, which already operates in the New York City area and Chicago, is launching in D.C. this week, and will deliver any amount of booze to someone for a $5 fee. Customers can log on to Ultra's website,orderultra.com, type in their ZIP code, and scroll the beer, wine, and liquor options."

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Based on their Italian selection, the selection is mostly crap with a few easy to get wines from big name producers.  Just searching on one of the good wines on the ist, Tommassi Amarone {no vintage or designation listed so I'm presuming it to be the DOC Amarone and not the Ca florian" singe vineywar, I can have it from Macarthurs for $57 or $63 vs $90.  $67 to $81 for Amarone Allegrini, $99 from Ultra.

I guess if you are too lazy to order a day ahead and too flush with money to not mind getting ripped off, its a great place to buy wine!.

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