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The Daily Dish, Owners Jerry Hollinger and Zena Pollin in the Former Red Dog Cafe Space on Grubb Road in Silver Spring

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The Daily Dish

They are located in the strip mall on Grubb Road, near the intersection with East-West, a few doors away from Parkway Deli in the old Red Dog space.

Aside from the seasonal/local bent (the entrees do change frequently) they are somewhat distinguished by offering a full bar and vegan/vegetarian-friendly selections. In terms of the kitchen's ambitions and the ambiance/decor, I regard them as slightly more casual than nearby 8407.

We've been maybe 1/2 dozen times. It's always a bit of an afterthought for us. We go when we want something relaxed and close to home, and we've grown temporarily fatigued with the places in our usual rotation. Last Thursday evening, our party of 3 had a very pleasant meal. It was particularly delightful to sit just inside open garage door up front so we could enjoy the cool evening air. We each started with a vegan soup of the day. Both my companions had the tomato, which they liked very much. I had the potato/leek, which would have been improved with the addition of heavy cream :rolleyes:, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Both the crab cake (appetizer) and lamb shank (entree) were deemed good by my dining companions. I had a sauteed softshell crab entree that, while not iconic, was well-prepared and satisfied a craving I've been suffering for several days (NB: at $30, it was the most expensive item on the menu). For libations, we enjoyed a margarita (The Classic) and Flying Dog Dead Rise Old Bay Summer Ale, which was on draft.

If it were as close to home as our other regular haunts, we would probably dine at TDD more often. Over time, it has proved to be a good option for us when we need to break away from our routine.

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We've had several good meals here as well. It was a great place to stop on the way home from a snowstorm this past winter. I know I have posted about this place but can't seem to find another thread about the restaurant.  I have no clue where I posted about it!

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I've eaten at Daily Dish a number of times and always enjoy it.  I appreciate the commitment to local ingredients and fresh-made pizza dough, pita, and more. They do particularly well with seafood and pasta (and seafood with pasta).  It's also the kind of place you can stop in for a quick salad, burger, or sandwich -my husband likes the Salmon Ripieghi.

We were there just yesterday for brunch.  The salmon frittata was good, although I think I'd go for something meatier on a future visit. The place was hopping, which was nice to see although it slowed service down a bit.

I'm glad to see it getting some attention here.  It's worthy of our support.

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I know I have posted about this place but can't seem to find another thread about the restaurant.  I have no clue where I posted about it!

I looked before posting and the only reference I found on DR was lperry's in her Federal Shutdown Specials thread.

Sorry for bringing back potentially painful memories.

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