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Woolly Mammoth Pre-Theater Ideas

Simul Parikh

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I've been usually going to Daikaya Ramen or Luke's for quicker meals before a show, but wondering if anyone had other ideas?

Rasika is there, but that's a production, as is Jaleo.

Did you know if you go at 6pm on the day of for shows at Woolly Mammoth, there are $15 "Stampede" tickets and these are not obstructed? Usually $75... It's a steal.


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You don't say what time you're looking to have dinner, but assuming it's early, if you get to a lot of places when they open, you can get a seat at the bar and often have access to the entire menu, depending.  We've done that with Rasika -- dining at their bar is not a production.  Fiola is also nearby and dining at their bar is really fun.  Oyamel is just a couple of doors away from WM.  The new Menu MBK from Frederick de Pue is just around the corner from the Partisan, at 8th & D.  Cedar, at 8th & E also has bar dining, I believe.  

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