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This month's Washingtonian Best Bites has info on a passel of new places due to start up downtown, mainly in the new hotness that is Penn Quarter. (Blue box at the bottom of the page.)

Looks like the Latin-Asian thing isn't going to be limited to Merkado, as the similarly-oddly-named Zengo goes up in that big new Gallery Place development. Others that sound interesting: "Rasika, specializing in Indian tawa (griddle) and sigri (barbecue) cookery" and yet another Tunks concept, "Acadiana, a Louisiana seafood house." Ray's Classics also gets a mention. Can't say we aren't spoiled for choice in DC these days.

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Clarice's pieces, or a similar version, were called Cosmic Rolls when I was little. I attended a sort of summer camp where we spent the days roaming around DC. Gwen, the adult, always carried around peanut butter, powdered sugar, and chocolate chips as well as squares of wax paper. Just as we would begin to get cranky she would pull out the ingredients for "Cosmic Rolls" to keep us happy :)

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