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Sangam, Relocated to Columbia Pike in South Arlington - Closed

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From the folks at Sangaam, an often overlooked Indian restaurant in Arlington:


At Sangam Restaurant

(Cater or Family Style Dinner at Restaurant)


Turkey Dinner Indian Style

Order Your Turkey Now

Turkey Dinner For Two: Only $49.99

Turkey Dinner for Four: Only $75.99

Turkey Dinner for Six: $95.99

Dinner will include:

Several Vegetables Indian Style

Turkey filled with Vegetable Biryani and dry fruits

Pumpkin Pie, Cranberry Sauce, Mashed Potatoes, and all other items that are usual American tradition

(703) 524-2728/2711 or Edward Dean (202) 413-7006

Email: edean@hotmail.com

Two Days Advance Notice Required

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We went. The food was quite good but a little bit on the toned down side. We had the biryani and the chicken makhani. I would have preferred a bit more of a kick. The naan was quite good as well.

It is split into 2 levels with separate entrances - upstairs for sit down waiter service and downstairs for carryout/self serve orders. They don't have a liquor license yet (made dinner less expensive!) and they also don't have a phone or internet access there. We were the only diners in the upstairs restaurant the whole time we were there. The owner was quite chatty said they should be back on full cylinders next week. He also said they are not going to do the buffett anymore. And I agree that the sign is quite odd, I didn't see a bar upstairs. I like Delhi Club better but glad that there is finally indian food on the Pike. I will definitely go back.

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Sad story. Mr. Dean is a gracious host who takes tremendous pride in his restaurant and his product.

The food, in my experience, was always decent and very well prepared- and had authentic & traditional flavors that are often lost in suburban Indian restaurants. Mr. Dean's chef & kitchen staff deserves much of the credit, although the owner presents himself as the frontman of the restaurant (both in front & back of house).

The decor and ambience were hideous, but the true hospitality shown by the staff compensated (and then some) for the truly awful interior.

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I had a different experience with the restaurant. I live near the Comfort Inn which was the home of the original Sangam and its predecessor, can't remember its name but my impression was same owner. I used to go to the predecessor all the time for carryout which was quite good. When it changed over to Sangam, the food was more expensive. I dined there once or twice and the food was terrible. Like they gave me some old meal that they reheated. Never went back. I think they are capable of making good food, but too much of a tendency to reuse leftovers.

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