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Trattoria Zero Otto Nove (089) - Restaurateur Roberto Paciulo's Local Osteria Chain in Several Locations

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Really annoyed with this restaurant. This was my Dad's pick for the evening and it was a very respectable pick it sounded interesting etc. Nevertheless, our meal was not amazing. Really no reason to go here with so many great italian restaurants in NYCCCC. Soooooo we got the zuchini and egg plant parmasian to start with. That was the best thing not fancy but quite nice actually. Then it sorta went downhill from there. The pizza was only fine particularly if you take into account a lot of the great pizza in NYC. It just wasn't dazzling and with fucking pizza I expect dazzling. I'm in NYC I can have very high pizza standards. Then we had this pasta cooked in a tinfoil which was again fine but not outstanding. BUT THEN THE REAL DOWNFALL CAME!!!! I got the osso bucco as my main course AND IT WAS GOD DAMN COLD IN THE MIDDLE!!!!! Yes I had one of those moments you see scrawled on Yelp pages!!!! I've actually rarely had that experience so I was quite annoyed. I didn't like complain or anything I even ate it after they reheated it. it just wasn't good and honestly before it wasn't great either. So all in all DO NOT GO HERE THERE IS NO REASON. If you want I can literally list the great Italian restos that YOU SHOULD GO TO!!! Also the design of the restaurant is very off putting. It looks like a movie set and immediately walking in I was skeptical because it looked very ughhhhhh. I should also note they have a branch on Arthur Avenue. Here's the problem with Arthur Aveneue, however, it is like Little Italy today A LOT OF SHOW far less substance. If you want red saucey italian food you MUST GO TO BROOKLYN OR NEW JERSEY and you have to go far. Think Howard Beach and Bay Ridge for instances. This isn't always true by the way BUT a lot of these types of restaurants are just a ways today!!!!

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