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Dram, a Cocktail Bar on 177 S. 4th Street in Williamsburg - Dim Lighting, Dark Wood, Low-Slung Couches - Closed

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Lipstick lesbians sipping cocktails next to Narragansett-drinking Lumbersexuals.  Dim lighting, dark wood, low slung couches, big glass windows overlooking the street, and a scent that I would describe as Dune Spice.  Cocktails come with a kick and a friendly vibe.  I suspect that late night could get a little Williamsburgy, but early in the evening an enjoyable place to meet up with friends before heading out to dinner.


177 South 4th St.

Brooklyn NY 11211
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Exactly like Frank Herbert Dune Spice - bitter cinnamon.  The first thing I noticed when walking into Dram was a sharp scent, kind of clove/cinnamon...and not a warm baking scent, but perhaps a little leathery.

Dune Spice seemed to fit the bill.

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On 12/4/2017 at 4:06 PM, Mark Dedrick said:

It appears to have closed earlier this year. 

Yes, and I'm having a lot of trouble finding out when.

More importantly is the question of whether or not Tweaked actually read (and finished) "Dune" - one of the most arduous and miserably complicated books I have ever read (probably on my Top 5 list, and I've read some real back-breakers).

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