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Review #7 - Kyirisan

Which Restaurants Do You Want Reviewed? (Multiple Choices Allowed)  

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  1. 1. Which Restaurants Do You Want Reviewed? (Multiple Choices Allowed)

    • Thai by Thai (Thai in Sterling, Fairfax, Annandale, and Dunn Loring)
    • Mamma's Kitchen (Greek in Alexandria)
    • Chettinadu (Indian in Rockville)
    • Makoto (Japanese in Palisades)
    • Cedar Knoll (American in Alexandria)
    • Inferno Pizzeria Napoletana (Pizzeria in Gaithersburg)
    • Graffiato (Italian in Chinatown)
    • Osteria Marzano (Italian in Franconia)
    • RT's (American in Alexandria)
    • Hank's Pasta Bar (Italian in Alexandria)
    • La Bergerie (French in Alexandria)
    • Bar Civita (Modern American in Woodley Park)
    • Blacksalt (Seafood in Palisades)
    • Alta Strada (Italian in City Vista)
    • Aqua al 2 (Italian in SE Capitol Hill)
    • Montmartre (French in SE Capitol Hill)
    • River Bend Bistro (American in Alexandria)
    • Kyirisan (French-Chinese in Shaw)
    • 21 Great American Bistro (American in Fairfax)
    • The Dugout (Balkan in Rosslyn)
    • All Purpose (Pizzeria in Shaw)
    • Bidwell (Southern in Union Market)

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Beginning with this poll, any restaurant not getting at least 2 votes will be removed, until it is renominated.

I'll go ahead and include all previously polled restaurants that are still open, with the assumption that some will probably drop off this time around. And I'll add whatever is nominated in the next few days.

Have at it - I'll close the nominations on Monday or Tuesday, and we'll keep the voting alive until the end of the week. I'll also be in touch with the person or people who nominated the restaurant to see if there's anything in particular they want reviewed.

Starting next week, I'll be doing one member-requested review per week, and one review of a restaurant that *I* think I need to try (I know where I've been, and where I haven't, and I have some holes to fill in my own experience).

For now, I don't want to promise any more than two reviews per week, because I have quite a bit of catching up to do that doesn't involve writing reviews. I'm trying to get a new forum open, for example.

Hopefully, next year sometime, I'll increase this to two member-requested reviews per week, but I have a lot to do right now, and I *really* need to catch up, 

Remember, I'm pretty flexible, and this can be pretty much anywhere.

I am not looking forward to reviewing crazy-expensive places where I've been before (virtually all of them, multiple times) or that haven't yet opened (e.g., Shaw Bijou). I'll do it if you want me to, but charging *FRENCH* Michelin 3-star prices for meals by inexperienced chefs is ridiculous when you think about the opportunity cost. Still, if people want me to, I will - I'll probably take it easy with the drinks though - I have the best wines in the world in my own cellar, and don't need to get pairings from sommeliers who know less than I do. Places like The Columbia Room are different, as I'd be there primarily to have their drinks - I'll use my best judgment without going absolutely crazy, and will do thorough reviews of my meals that will not disappoint. And, if you wish, I can peruse the wine lists and make recommendations based on quality and value.


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Okay, the poll is up, and it'll close Wednesday at noon.

Remember, beginning with this poll, any restaurant that doesn't get a vote will drop off (but can be re-nominated in the future) - the list is getting pretty big.

Since our last Review, we've had two restaurants close (Nonna's Kitchen, Chop's Crafthouse), and more importantly, a key member pass away (Mix Meyer, who had nominated several restaurants in his South Alexandria area. It breaks my heart that they may not be reviewed, but Mix wouldn't be here to read the reviews.)

Vote for as many as you wish, and don't forget in the future: These do not need to be in the DC area - I'm willing to travel (if you all vote for Noma, it might take awhile!)

Okay, let's get this started again - I look forward to it. I'm going to do one review per week that you all vote on, and one other review per week that *I* think I need to try (I went three months without going to *any* restaurants, and I've definitely fallen behind). I see at least four restaurants in this poll that I think I need to try, so there may be some overlap.

Ideally, I want to time this so the polls close at the end of the day on Friday, so I'll begin the next submission process immediately after this poll closes Wednesday at noon, and we'll close it Friday at noon. In two weeks, we'll be on the schedule I need to be on.

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