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Songbyrd Music House - Coffee Shop and Vinyl Store on 18th Street near Columbia Road in Adams Morgan


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On 3/10/2016 at 8:45 PM, sheldman said:

If you have an evening where you just want to hang out and get a sandwich and a drink in Adams Morgan, look at Songbyrd, which is a coffee shop, restaurant, music venue, and (small) record store.  If you have a complete aversion to young people who might be called "hipsters," then you won't like it - but they aren't really pompous hipsters and it's a friendly place with food that is more than decent.

I went to Songbyrd a couple days ago, ordered a Large Iced Coffee ($2.75), and really enjoyed myself. Songbyrd offered both traditional drip, and cold-filtered (for 48 hours) as iced coffee - they have the inside of two small stores, and the south side has a selection of vinyl on sale - worth browsing through just for the memories. 

My barrista was pleasant as could be, and I wouldn't hesitate to return here, especially considering the location - almost right on the corner of 18th and Columbia, on the northeast side of 18th Street. I can't help but think they could make a more efficient use of their space, but that's only hurting them; not the customer. 

The north side is the "cafe side" and the south side is the "coffee and record" side, and each menu is covered with a vinyl album cover. Definitely a welcome, quirky addition to the neighborhood.

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