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Cyrus - Chef-Owner Douglas Keane's Michelin 2-Star Dining in the Hotel Le Mars, Healdsburg - Closed

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MeMc said:
I know little about Michelin stars, but I thought I'd pass this along:

Only 4 restaurants = 2 stars

Cyrus Healdsburg Russian River Valley

I had the great pleasure of dining at Cyrus last week. Based on my experience, I'd say this is a well-deserved recognition, as is Chef Keane's place on Food and Wine's 2006 Best New Chef's list.

(will post details about the meal and others in the Napa, or maybe a new Russian River Valley, thread soon.)

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jparrott said:
Too bad. They used to put tasting notes on their tequila list, back when most of us couldn't spell Cuervo.

Cyrus, the fan-damn-amazing restaurant in Healdsburg, CA, has a 50-page spirits list that is mind-blowing in its depth, breadth, and very, very good writing. This isn't a spirits list as much as it is a reference to keep and cherish. (The formatting is unfortunately a bit screwed up.)

Cyrus spirits list


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If that place has a pool table, YES. I highly recommend it for that spell when you've finished your meal at Cyrus but are to blissed out to go home. The divey-ness of pool and longnecks was really pretty perfect after Cyrus's orgy of excess.

That's the place. I still need to get to Cyrus.

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On 10/9/2006 at 5:30 PM, goldenticket said:

The standout meal was at Cyrus in Healdsburg. I'll have to attach the menu tomorrow, but the chef's 7-course tasting menu was a delicious and memorable experience. The variety of ingredients, many of which I haven't seen before and which may not be as available on this coast, was one of the highlights. Pen Shellfish was chewy and sweet in a scallop-like way. (I see it's been an ingredient on the original Iron Chef), and the lemon verbena broth/sauce/jus that was poured around the dish as it was served was a lovely, subtle flavor. The BLT of pork belly, fried green tomato and wilted iceberg lettuce was a favorite. The dessert brought a huge smile to my face - caramel soup with kettle corn sorbet and chocolate filigree. It was VERY sweet, but a lot of fun - the warm caramel poured through the filigree that covered the top of the bowl melted through the chocolate. A very fun dish! I also loved the palate cleanser - a frozen raspberry pop that tasted just like frozen mulled wine to me.

We were seated in the side room which only had 3 other tables, so it was a quiet and calm setting, but for our first visit there it might have been nice to be in the main dining room where the action is :) . I only made the reservation a week out, so I'm not complaining. Having learned our lesson about going overboard with wine pairings, and having bit of drive back to our hotel, we were pleasantly surprised when the option to share a wine pairing was offered. A nice touch that allowed both of us to enjoy the meal, even if it created a little extra work for the very efficient and kind staff. We didn't opt for anything off the pre-meal caviar and champagne cart - we had plenty to work with at dinner.

Cyrus closed on Oct 29, 2012.

Screenshot 2017-07-21 at 2.33.01 PM.png

Apr 22, 2016 - "Chef Douglas Keane Puts Down Roots in the Country" by Carolyn Jung on sfgate.com

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