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Primrose - Sebastian Zutant's New Brookland Venture

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Sunday my wife and I stopped by Primrose for their first night open to the public to check out what has to be by far the biggest restaurant opening in our new neighborhood by Sebastian Zutant, formerly of Proof (in the glory days), Red Hen, and All Purpose. Much like Red Hen, this was a delightfully designed little neighborhood restaurant, with a homey feel and lovely lighting and decorations (check out the bathrooms).  Service was touch and go, which is to be expected on an opening night, but everyone was very pleasant and accommodating.

The food was nice, if unspectacular, and the wine list an eclectic mix of French producers who I had never heard of before. The menu is very small, with 3 plates of charcuterie, 4 apps, and 5 mains (2 that can be shared).  My wife had the steak, which was a nice griddled version cooked very well and accompanied by very thick fries, which were the least French thing that we had all night.  I went with the Bourguignon, which was a bit overcooked and less saucy than I like, but pleasing nonetheless.  Don't sleep on the Salade Verte, which is a simple heaping mound of mache and paper thin radishes with that salad dressing that you get (and love) in every restaurant in France that serves green salads but I never actually hear the name of since you don't get a choice of dressing when you dine out over there.

Congrats to Sebastian and his wife on what should be a very successful effort in Brookland!

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Primrose has "Wine Wednesday" now with 30% off bottles of wine.  It was wonderfully quiet there tonight with folks either out of town or chasing restaurant week deals at other restaurants.  I'm pretty sure the discounted bottle of Sancerre we had tonight was a better deal than 9 out of 10 Restaurant Week dinners.  The brioche shrimp toast was pretty awesome too.  

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