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Momo Yakitori Instant Ramen Bar, in the Basement of Momo Yakitori at 22nd Street and Rhode Island Ave NE, Woodridge - Closed Dec 29, 2019

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Momo Yakitori (2214 Rhode Island Avenue NE) has turned its basement into a bar serving cup noodles and cocktails.  One of the servers at the Asian grill is working on collecting 100 flavors of the college dorm staple, which can be prepared with plain boiling water or upgraded to a chicken stock base and topped with an egg.

I cut the above from Eater, which got the info from Washington City Paper.  I think the concept is pretty awesome for people who haven't had a lot of different types of instant ramen and don't have high blood pressure (them instant ramen are generally pretty salty).  One can go by and try a couple of packs per meal.  It would be even better if they have some veggies and fishballs that can be added in addition to an egg.

As an experienced international instant ramen noodle eater, I'd be willing to offer my consulting services for a small fee.

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