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Amazing Presidential Trivia Question (1948 - 2008)


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This is my absolute favorite U.S. President trivia question, because it's one where you hear the answer, say, "I don't believe it," and go running off to Google to disprove it. Here's the question:

Between the 1948 "Dewey defeats Truman" election, and the 2008 "First Barack Obama" election, how many Presidential elections didn't include Nixon, Dole, or Bush on the ticket?

Run your mouse over this for the answer, which will simply floor you:              ONE

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Well, that one I actually knew without even thinking.  If you know that Eisenhower was next, there's just no place for a Republican, other than those 4, to have run subsequent to that.  Just think: Jeb was very close to making that trivia even more interesting.

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Off the top of my head, Nixon was the VP as a result of 52 and 56, and the Pres candidate in 60.  In 64 the GOP nominees were Goldwater and William Miller. (so none of the above) ....and then it moves to more modern eras. 

Nixon won as Presidential candidate in 68 and 72.  Dole was Ford’s VP candidate in 76 losing to Carter.  Bush Sr won the VP with Reagan in 80 and 84 then won and lost as Pres in 88 and 92 respectively.  Dole ran and lost as Pres in 96.  In the next 2 elections it was Bush Jr twice for Pres.

(btw I’m old which helps w/these questions)

Want to see two candidates with eerily similar perspectives?   Read up on George Wallace in 68.   Many similarities  with Trump in 2016.  

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The opening thread is a good trivia question.  I suspect my advanced age, familiarity with earlier elections and specific readings about them gave me an edge.   I thought I knew both Dem VP candidates from '52 and '56 who ran with Adlai Stevenson II and were trounced by Eisenhower and Richard Nixon during those elections.  I didn't.  I recalled one name, Estes Kefauver, know nothing about him and guessed he was Dem VP nominee in both '52 and '56.  He wasn't.  

Alabama Senator John Sparkman was the nominee in '52 and Kefauver the nominee in '56.  I didn't recall the history.  Its interesting if you are a history/politics buff.

But the more fascinating sort of stunning info is connected to the '56 Dem nominee for VP.  Its visual. 

Take a look at the Wikipedia history on the '56 Dem Convention   Scroll down to see photos of the Dem candidates for nominee for President and scroll further to see candidates for VP and how the VP was chosen. 

The photos show Lyndon Johnson, John Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, and Al Gore's father, Senator Al Gore Sr. of Tennessee.  Those photos show a series of Dems (and the father of a Dem) who were candidates and elected officials from the Dems whose history spans from 1960 to 2000.  Also a pretty long time period.

Boy, when you consider the Bush's, the Kennedy's, and the Gore's (among many others) there are a lot of family connections in American politics.

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