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Lake Anne Coffee House and Wine Bar, Chef Meagan Thompson and Manager Erin Gable on in Lake Anne Village Center, Reston

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So the area in and around the Lake Anne Plaza still aesthetically remains much like it was when Reston initially designed.  Concrete structures, on the water, and hidden since it is off the beaten path (it is not RTC nor Northpoint Shopping Center).  This relatively new venture by a local family is a great place to grab coffee (they source from Cafe Amouri in Vienna, Virginia), breakfast, lunch or dinner.  It is small, but the outdoor seating pared with the nights they feature live music is relaxing and simple.  Right now on Sunday evenings they feature Patio party with Paella ($18) but that is all they have on Sunday evenings.  If you want more variety, check out the regular menu and decent wine list.  They have a nice white Sangria as well.  You will often find several of the family members who own/run the establishment there working and more than friendly.  

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I was at a 70th Anniversary Party tonight in my old neighborhood, and spoke to a couple who have a family house on Lake Anna. I was telling them that I had read of a new place there, and they informed me that it was opened by the sister of a woman who used to live in my old 'hood. Their mom used to live there too. 

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