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Restaurants Near Wyndham DC


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Tomorrow evening my wife and I are going to a Winetasting 101 class at the Wyndham in DC. It starts at 7:30 and would want dinner first. Any recs? Not being familiar with the area, I'm not sure if the restaurants listed are walkable to the Wyndham or if you have to drive.

This is the address:

1400 M Street, NW

Washington, District of Columbia 20005

These are the dining options listed on the Wyndham web site:

Sushi Taro, Olives, DC Coast, McCormick & Schmick's, The Federal Bar, Verandah Restaurant (on site)

Of those, Sushi Taro seems like the best (only?) fit for food, price and time restrictions. But are there better options? I know Komi is generally in that area, but that's out of budget and probably time. Just thought I'd check. We'll probably be down to that part of the city by 6PM.

Thanks for suggestions.



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That's pretty close to Corduroy... 12th and K... so it's not much further than Taro. Yeah.. other than that... Nage is at 16th and M... not too bad. Palette is also near there at 15th and M. My experience at Palette was so so, but it was during the holiday season and I think they were working with a skeleton staff. Il Mulino isn't too far either.

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I used to work around there and it is hard to come by a good dinner option. The new Il Mulino seems to be quite close by, but with time restrictions I'm not sure that's a safe bet.

I'd sit at the Corduroy bar and dine lightly on soup and a selection of half-price apps. Goat cheese, spring rolls, etc. 10 minute walk at the outside.

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I'd also say Corduroy, and Restaurant Kolumbia is at 18th and K, if that's not too far.

Mar de Plata is just up the street on 14th, three blocks I think. It's pretty good seafood, but I don't know about quickness. Right around there is Merkado, Logan Tavern, and Stoney's right across from Whole Foods.

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