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Chesapeake Chicken and Rockin Ribs, Grasonville and Bethesda - All Locations Have Closed

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Chesapeake Chicken and Rockin Ribs opened in East Bethesda, on Rockville Pike down between Stromboli Pizza and Persimmon. they have had signage up for at least the last eighteen months, and they name made it sound really great. They have another location up in Queenstown just west of the Bay Bridge. Every time I would go over the bridge, I would think about stopping but never had.

Last night I was passing by just after 6pm, and a car pulled out right in front of the restaurant. I thought, "Wow this must be an omen to try this place", so I parked and brought home some takeout.

We will start with the one good thing. The chicken was very moist and flavorful and I enjoyed the seasonins. The skin held up and was not limp, but it was not quite crispy good either (remember I took it home as takeout). However, at 13.95 for a whole chicken, I probably won't be getting many of those.

Ribs - I really wanted to like them but I just couldn't. It was not that they were bad, they just were not good and with the price of babybacks they better be good. They did not seem to use any type of dry rub for seasoning on their ribs and they were missing something. The meat was very tender, but I would call it tender without flavor. They added at the last minute this bbq sauce that was INHO sicky sweet, this did not add anything to the ribs and took away from any flavor of the rib. Maybe that is why I could not taste any real flavor from the rib.

Mashed Potatoes - Not the worst I have ever had. They were not done from a mix, they were real potato but something was missing. It felt like a just too heavy starch lump not mixed well it was just there (add something and make it your own).

Pasta Pesto - Did not like at all. This is a funky side and the only place I get where I really like it is to either make it myself or I love Balducci's version. I took one bite and passed on the rest. With a dish like this they need to keep it simple.

We got a piece of chocolate moose tart to share. Sorry something really missing, the chocolate flavor was way off and too sweet. This was just trying too hard (In fairness I had dark chocolate moose at RTC Thursday night to die for and that set the chocolate moose bar for me).

Service - The ladies behind the counter were nice and trying to be helpful. There is a sign that talks about it being local independent ownership, and that is something we all should strive to support. Hopefully they improve the food so we can. I will give them another shot in a few months with hope that they improve.

Bottom Line - If I was hungry and standing outside or a work group wanted to go (I work just up the street) I would probably go and just get a 1/2 chicken with a side of fries, but anything more skip it and drive ten minutes west into Rockville and go to Urban.

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I drove past last weekend and was surprised to find this place finally open. It had been sitting half completed since before I moved. I remember reading an article touting the place when they first started work on the restaurant and it sounded great. What a let down.

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I also tried the restaurant and I agree with the original post. I ordered the "family picnic" - 2 chickens; 2 sides and 12 biscuits for just under $50!

The mac and cheese was quite tasty with cheddar cheese. The mashed potato was fine and the biscuits where tasty, but a little chewy - not the flaky kind.

The chicken was fine. The cost was surprising but appropriate given the neighborhood and location, but I can not see paying that kind of money for that food.

I like Chicken on the run in Bethesda - St. Elmo St.

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