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"Fit for Summer Challenge" - Leaving Winter Behind

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Still looking for the silver lining. March was a feast of stress eating, but I can safely report no weight loss, but no gain, either. The siliver lining is that my cardio health has improved - I've gotten a lot of exercise and it shows in how far/long I can jog/walk.

Interesting - over the weekend I was asking myself the same questions.

OK, so the weight hasn't come off as quickly as I wanted. I haven't stuck to the plan as well as I should have. I haven't been journaling as consistently as I had promised myself and everyone else. I had an unpleasant break-up with my nutritionist. I've been a little grumpy all winter.

I suspent that most of you have the same types of complaints.

But it is spring - a time for hope, right? I got in my first round of golf over the weekend. I brought the deck furniture out of storage too. Today is Opening Day for the Nats.

So in the interest of Spring, what about the positives? Here is the list I came up with:

  • In joining my boxing gym, I've found an exercise that I enjoy and have been able to stick with, for the most part.
  • I've learned ways to add a lot more fiber to my diet.
  • I'm paying more attention to what I am eating, even if I haven't been writing it down.
  • I've gotten a lot of support from people here.
  • I've lost 14 pounds so far.

Not a bad list, if I do say so myself.

What's your's?

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It's nice to have support from friends here.

My skin looks good.

Buying new clothes is a treat.

I am sleeping better. Not great, but better.

My blood sugar levels are exemplary.

My daughter told me I look extra-pretty these days. :blink:

Bill, your list is great.

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I've come up with a great travel pack to help me on the road. Breakfasts and snacks were killing me. I've found several meal bars that don't have that ridiculous cardboard taste and texture. I also pack single serving packs of almonds and assorted dried fruit. They can sit in the bottom of my bag until I need them. As an added bonus, I sometimes actually stick within my per diem.

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Thanks for starting this thread, Bill. I'm happy to see it on a day like today, when I am beginning--again.

1. I feel better.

2. I have saved money by making my breakfast and lunch (not so much this last month) and by eating out less frequently.

3. My blood sugar (which can get low) has been much more stable.

4. I've lost some weight (although i'm not sure what my current total is--will post more about this in my thread).

5. I can fit more of my clothes!!!

6. I've had the opportunity to be inspired and motivated by all of you! I would not have make this progress on my own.

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Bill, it's great to hear from you. I'm so pleased to learn you continue to lose weight, find that you enjoy your new form of exercise and that the change in season offers a chance for renewal.

I can only echo others in saying that the shared efforts and encouragement of others have really helped motivate me, so thank you, everyone, who is sticking with this.*

I've been less motivated when it comes to Spring Cleaning, but discovered that at least one pair of good pants in the back of the closet fits again.

As far as the weather goes, I am walking longer distances, down streets never explored before, enjoying the flowering trees and the quiet of the hour just before and after the sun sets.

*Or only looking :blink:

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Aside from the money-savin', weight-losin', healthy(er)-eatin' reasons listed above:

  • A friend commented the other day that a formally merely oversize shirt I was wearing "looked like a dress". So I found out that I may actually look good in a dress ...
  • Some bottles in the wine fridge have acquired additional aging that they may not have seen had I been drinking as much recently
  • A previously troublesome stiff back has improved quite a bit from almost daily exercise
  • My favorite belt has a buckle hole that is seeing use for the first time in 3 or 4 years; other newer belts are charting new buckle hole territory
  • I'm on track to drop a digit in the hundreds place on the scale in the coming week(s). I haven't been below that threshold since probably sometime shortly after college.
  • Finally, the prospect of completing a 36 mile multi-sport race in a respectable time has gone from anxiety-inducing to exhilarating

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