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Konami, Japanese Hibachi on Leesburg Pike at Route 123 in Tysons Corner - Closed (From Fire) Dec 15, 2012

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I'll second Konami. This is within walking distance of my newish job near Tysons and I love it. Extremely fresh fish and reasonable prices.

Thirded. I've been here several times over the years, most recently last week. The fish is a very slight step down from Kotobuki, but still pretty good. Toro was not available, but they did have chu-toro. I also like the spider roll, which can be inconsistent in quality though (some rolls have more crab meat than others).

The only reason why we don't come here more often is that the Tysons Galleria is a short walk from our office next door. Very convenient for business lunches. But after yet another mediocre meal at the mall -- it's never a good sign when your "best" options are Lebanese Taverna and The Daily Grill, and the other choices are Legal Seafood, Maggiano's, P.F. Chang, and The Cheesecake Factory -- I will not hesitate to make the 5-minute drive here (or to Shamshiry).

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Stopped in to Konami yesterday for lunch. Simply put, the fish was very fresh, the prices were very reasonable ($8.95 for lunch bento box) and the service was fast and unobtrusive. My wife and I have vowed to become semi-regulars.

One strange thing: Tempura shrimp and vegetables arrived to the table floating IN the udon noodle broth. I found this strange as it obviously turned the tempura to mush. Anyone seen this practice before? It seemed odd.

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8221 Leesburg Pike, Vienna, VA 22182



Four of us had dinner here last Saturday night. The decor is "colorfully minimalist" The place was not really crowded, and we were seated immediately. We ordered mainly sushi and sashimi. All were very good to great. We also had the Shrimp Shumai (store bought), Age Dashi Tofu (very good), Miso Soup (OK, I always hate to pay for Miso soup when ordering a ton of sushi), some beef Tataki (OK, kinda heavy on the tasteless sauce. The service was attentive, but not intrusive. Bottem line: A good solid place to go in Tysons when you do not want to make the trip to DC.

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Hit Konami with girlfriend last night. It was OK, probably not worth seeking out for a return visit, but the sushi was reasonably fresh -- albeit cut on the smallish side -- and the Kirin Light seemed like a perfect accompaniment. Nothing specific to complain about, but nothing stood out as being exceptional either.

A business colleague mentioned that Sukara down the street was a better bet....

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