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Four-Star Benders


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I have never been to a restuarant where I have witnessed an inebriated diner vomit on the table.
I went to one local restaurant (the absolute opposite of high end) where on two different visits in a row inebriated diners were vomitting at the table. Much to my chagrin - I loved the place and it was extremely convenient for me - this has prevented my return.

A few years ago, Jlock and I were eating at Calle Ocho in NY when a woman at the next table started vomitting and refused to leave. She just sat there and demanded that the very kind waiter keep bringing refreshed champagne buckets wrapped in towels for her use at the table. A hostess was kind enough to escort us into the bar area where we were served complementary beverages while awaiting the conclusion of her performance. By the time we were reseated, it was as if nothing had ever occurred. I thought the restaurant dealt with it beautifully, and it was a night to remember.

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During my misspent youth, in my final days residing in Geneva prior to being shipped out to Kuala Lumpur, I took my girl friend to Le Bearne which, at the time, was the only Michelin starred restaurant in Geneva itself. I pulled out all the stops, including making the mistake of ordering a Sauternes (didn't know it was a dessert wine then, although the waiter cautioned me that it was on the sweet side) right after the first course which was fois gras. I think I had gotten through the main course by the time I hurtled to the men's room -- making it just in time.

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