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Javan Restaurant, Downtown Bethesda - Closed.

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Not any more it doesn't, but this is one of the more Mess-Wit-U restaurant websites I've ever encountered - hilariously so. I thought I'd made it "over the hump" when I figured out how to turn the page, but ... nope. Try it and see!

I'm pissed already.

Check, please.

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Not only is the menu challenging to use, but the ingredients in one of the stews might require a little tweaking...

As it is, you might want to skip the Ghaimeh.


You're doing better than I did. I could get the first page to turn, but I couldn't get the menu to work.

I don't think that sounds bad at all, so long as we're talking eggplant :blink:

(How did they spell "peas" correctly in one place and not in the other?)

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