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Back Street Cafe, Local Favorite at 4 E. Federal Street in Middleburg - Closed

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Back Street Cafe closed sometime before Sep, 2014. Apparently, for a month, the location at 4 E. Federal Street became "Art in the House." The building was vacant for awhile, and then became (the more sensibly named) Federal Street Cafe on-or-before Feb, 2016. That closed around May, 2017, and became Best Thai Cafe soon afterwards, which still operates today.

There was (is?) also an operation called Back Street Catering which was at 5 E. Federal Street, but I'm not sure if it was related.

I pieced this all together from scraps of information on the internet, and the dates may be off - if anyone knows differently, please chime in.

On 8/31/2007 at 3:17 PM, Dave Pressley said:

Has anyone been to Aster for dinner?

Yes, long ago, and it was very good. It was run by Hump Astorga (Craig Erion's uncle) - the thread is here.

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