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Dick Confit


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We dined at Bazin's Saturday night, 9:30 reservation but our table was ready earlier and the hostess gave us our choice of 3 tables. A nice option since the floor was packed. Initial service was slow and there were a few miscues (Wrong appetizer brought [we kept it-it was one of our top choices], wine didn't arrive until appetizers were half done; wine service was poor [waiter poured wine before allowing us to taste, realized that we were going to taste it first and then said "oh please taste it and let me know if you like it"]; we had to pour our own wine a couple of times; entrees arrived too early and they put them back under the heat which turned my wife's MR steak closer to MW when it finally arrived [my wife opted to keep it, although I would not have].

I'm not complaing though. The waiter's positive attitude helped smooth over the service issues. The food was quite good but also very rich. I think 3 of our 4 dishes had some form of demi-glace and cream--tasty for the for several bites but a little too rich after a while. Dick Confit was spectacular, firm lentils with a hint of sweetness. The Fried oysters were served on a bed of pureed spinach and little pork bits, turned out to be our favortie appetizer. The Black Cod was glazed with a miso and ginger and honey (so I'm guessing) on a bed of horseradish mashed potatoes (yes with a little demi glace and cream to finish it) and was very good. My wife's flat iron steak with bleu cheese was a little too rich, but we enjoyed it notwithstanding the temperature issue.

Chocolate tart rounded out the evening. We'd go back again, I wish there were more neighborhood joints like this. $180 for 2, included wine and tip. I think there would be great value if we had not ordered the wine since that was half the cost.

That's the greatest unfortunate tyop in the history of DR.com.

[Rocks, delete me when the post gets fixed]

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Dick Confit was spectacular, firm lentils with a hint of sweetness.
Just in case y'all have limited cognitive attention.

I'm dazzled by the notion of firm, toothsome lentils.. ahh.. were they Al Dente?

Edited at 8:32: Sorry, should have taken the quote down earlier so bbq4me could find it themself. :( Now, it helps others play along. [Don, please delete]

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