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Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse, Canadian-Rockies Themed Chain

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The girls wanted a steak tonight - Didn't feel like driving to Silver Spring to RTC, Plus my girls really don't belong in the bar on a Friday night so I drove up 270 to the Outback in Germantown. Really not great food and a VERY ANNOYING WAITER.

This place was packed - Called ahead at 6:30 and they told me 7:15 then when I got there they said 20 more minutes (It was actually less than ten - But this place does not deserve to be crowded).

My new pet question that I hate is -"Have you ever been here before?" - It is a *&^%^* Chain. Did he think the menu would be too complicated for me?

Salad - Came out ten minutes after my entree

Entrees - The girls wanted ribs and OMG was the sauce sicky sweet (Kids were fine but I can tell you it sucked).

Had to ask three times for more butter - and then they brought out a tablespoon worth.

Any ideas for a decent place in up 270?

Never been but there is Bugaboo Steakhouse at Exit 8. Of course it is also a chain!

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Bugaboo sucks worse than Outback, if such a thing is possible. Sugar drenched, mass produced food, themed drinks (like the Wildberry Extreme Margarita and the Rocky Mountain Mudslide), and animatronic characters on the walls that unexpectedly come to life and scare the crap out of all the toddlers. We went once, and the talking moose scared Ian so much that we had to leave in the middle of our meal. Not cute.

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