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Tonight in Dupont Circle


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made a reservation at firefly tonight as i'm getting in town around 8 and staying at the madera. i've since realised this isn't the firefly of past. the wine list alone is a dead give away that things have changed. is the food still up to snuff? there are some mixed opinions. i guess i could always byo and pay corkage.

any other reccomendations for a casual meal in dupont circle? all cuisines are okay. preferabley a decent wine list or beer selection. i'm thinking of bistro du coin, but will it be jammed at 8? going to central saturday night and have already been to beck, but wouldn't rule out a return visit.


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It is summer and there are many people heading to the beach, but at 8 PM on a Friday night you can pretty much count on any decent restaurant being pretty crowded. IIRC, BdC starts calming down about 8:30 or so. I like BdC quite a bit for casual munching (and late-night drinking), but Montsouris and Pesce are actually better restaurants, if you don't mind dropping a little more cash. Sette has somehow fallen off the screen, but continues to offer Italian that goes beyond spaghetti and red sauce and a decent wine list.

By the way, the Firefly of the past can be found one subway stop from your hotel -- or on the other end of a very pleasant 30 minute walk up Connecticu Avenue -- at New Heights, where you'll find Firefly's former chef, his passion for wine and -- should crave a martini -- the city's most detailed gin list.

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Montsouris, Bistrot du Coin, and Sette Osteria are all perfectly decent options, but what's wrong with Firefly?

couldn't get past the wine list. just nothing of any interest there for me.

the menu looked a bit corporate to me.

but i'm sure it's fine, just not what i was looking for.

thanks for all the rec's and the pm's. we ended up at bistrot du coin, which i just love.

saturday night was central, and it was a terrific experience.

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