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Last week I pulled seven pounds of carrots from the garden. Anyone have any new or interesting or unusual or creative recipes? Thanks.

Blanch in bloiling water. remove from water when still a touch crisp and top with lemon or lime juce and olive oil, salt & red pepper flakes. Add the zest fromt he citrus. Toss several time while letting the mixture cool to room temperature. When cool, refrigerate. When good & cold, adjust lemon juice, salt, pepper olio balance. They get better for days.

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Don, you need to spend some time at farmers markets where there isn't the space for Busby Berkeley arrangements, but the range of colors is commonplace....and yes, lovely.

Porcupine: Too late for suggestions? David Tanis has a recipe with saffron that I loved the first time I made it. The true revelation for me was a risotto-like prep recommended by Sarah Raven in which you cook sliced carrots (rounds) forever, till they wizen and caramelize. The British gardening/cookbook author has two versions, one stovetop [online version a bit different than what I recall] and one roasted. PS The Ukrainian eggplant stew has lots of carrots and lemon; Thistle identified name of recipe for me which helped me locate a version online from a CSA newsletter. I'd add lemon juice at last minute, though, and think about roasting both eggplant and carrots (separately) instead of stewing for sake of flavor.

Edited for clarity and to include links to recipes.

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