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  1. Popular Georgetown gourmet retailer needs to add a quality cheese/charcuteriemonger to its team. Great product line thats ever evolving. Low stress, easy hours, employee discounts. Serious inquiries only. Email me at john.pearson@deandeluca.com
  2. it was a temporary project. the owner of the art gallery and former proprietor of the restaurant needed something in the space for the fall season. the folks from the thornton river grille in Sperryville were the principles in the project. There was an attempt to make it a more permanent solution but the numbers didn't work. I was recruited to help out. it is now occupied by a tapas restaurant from a guy from Miami. its called el quijote, and the chefs name is Emilio Fontan. I have not tried it yet but I wish them all the best.
  3. Actually, my wife will not be involved in the project. I will be working with Terri Lehman who works with the Thornton River Grille group.
  4. We will be reopening Café Indigo in Sperryville, VA on Saturday, September 1st. It's a work in progress, so we will just be opening for breakfast and lunch on Saturdays and brunch on Sundays until the liquor license comes through. I hope to see you all soon!
  5. It was sold this summer and they are pumping a ton of cash into it. I do not know the particulars but the word is they will have 4 overnight suites and will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, 7 days a week. I think they are going for the slightly more casual diner. I'll keep you posted.
  6. Karen Cathey died Monday from complications from cancer. Karen was the president of Bon Vivant, LLC, a food marketing consulting firm in Arlington, Va., a past chairman of The American Institute of Wine & Food and a dear friend. She will be missed.
  7. Does the world really need another FoodTV network star? Aren't there enough now? I personally find myself enthralled with the monkey sporting the platinum hair that visits the diners. He's like a cross between a train wreck and a flaming bag of dog shit on your doorstep. You can't decide whether to stare at it uncontrollably or stomp the hell out of it.
  8. Immediate opportunity for the right individual. Small "diner like" concept (40 seats) serving beer and wine only. Great benefits including 401k, medical insurance and vacation. (I know, hard to believe.) Send me a message with a resume if interested.
  9. Their names are David and Stacy Gedney. The only place I know them from is The Ashby Inn. Good people. J's was started by Jorie Martin and her husband where their focus was a wine shop and catering. The Gedneys have had it for several years and seem to be doing well. I have not had a chance to get to Element but have been several times to Apt. 2G. Solid meals every time. To be honest, it is an oasis in the desert that is Front Royal, VA.
  10. Anyone who has worked in a restaurant long enough (or owned one for 15 years) can frequently substitute the word dream with nightmare.
  11. um, no it doesn't. There is nothing on this planet that can replicate duck fat in cooking duck confit. NOTHING.
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