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  1. Any suggestions on where to have Christmas Brunch?
  2. La Chamiere is very cozy with a fireplace. Palena's back room is very cozy minus the fireplace-- the food definitely makes up for lack of a fireplace.
  3. Thanks for the clarification Don. Maybe I won't be going to Neyla to try that afterall.
  4. Kibbeh is one of my favorite dishes ever. I enjoy the ones at the Lebanese Taverna cafe and I know this place is kind of ghetto but I had them the other night at DC Cafe on P St. and I thought they were very good- more meaty than the ones at L.T. I haven't been to Neyla but it is definitely on my list.
  5. I find La Chaumiere to be a very cozy romantic French restaurant, especially on a cool fall night. I prefer to go on a Monday or Tuesday when it isn't so crowded. Maybe cocktails before at the 4 seasons.
  6. I'm looking for the best Thai restaurant in the DC-area. Any suggestions?
  7. Okay - I was trying to be gentle but since you are pressing me. The first time I went with my boyfriend, a foodie, and his friend - a nationally known wine cellar designer, both of whom dine out regularly at the finest restaurants in DC and nationally. We tried to taste as many dishes as possible. We liked the oxtail consomme. The Scallop boudin was ok. The tuna tartare flavorless. We then had the lobster 4 ways - each way worse than the preceding one. The lobster soup was undrinkable - my boyfriend's buddy thought it disgusting. The eggs had barely any lobster flavor - Sietsema was kind in s
  8. I have eaten at PS7 two times. Both times I walked away disappointed and feeling like I overpaid for a meal that was just ok. I agree with everything that Sietsema wrote about in his review and I feel that 1 1/2 stars is an accurate rating.
  9. Kudos to Tom Sietsema for correctly nailing this place in his review today. PS7 has great bread and little else!
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