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  1. After reading JimCo's posting, it got me wanting more than one more meal at Del Merei. So, I ate lunch there this afternoon before they closed for dinner prep and service. I started off with a pint of Laguintas Little 'Sumpin on tap. It is supposedly their "summer ale"...right. Lots of hop and would guess a wee bit stronger than a normal American draft. For the meal, I started with the 7-leaf (since it is my favorite over the years) and had the veggie delite sandwich with tater tots. And I finished up with Green Wave IPA in a bottle. I have always enjoyed their beer selection and it a
  2. About time. This has been my go to place for brunch over the years when I am in Philly. Always have several fresh juices to go along with great Cuban cafe and good eats. Look forward to giving the DC location a try along with finally eating a non-brunch meal.
  3. Damn, I will be out of town. Of well, hopefully he is moving home to Portland to open something there that we will have to try sometime in the future. GQ has an article of the Top 25 Cocktail Bars in America with PX coming in at #8. Here is a link to the article: http://www.gq.com/food-travel/restaurants-and-bars/201010/25-best-cocktail-bars-in-america#slide=1 Though I haven't been to but four on the list, hard to imagine there are seven better places to get a cocktail in America. Congrats to Todd and his team.
  4. JimCo, amen. I am glad to hear that you were able to say good bye to Del Merei, Mary, Eric, and their loyal staff. My wife and I live in Del Ray and have been eating here once a week since I learned from Don’s post about their closing. Tonight, my wife and I will get to say good-by with a reservation on the later side and a plan to stay until they kick us out…we’ll definitely be paying for it tomorrow. Will be interesting to see what is left both food and beverage wise to send off this jewel of a restaurant. Over the years, it was so much more than just a neighborhood jewel. It was oft
  5. +1. Sigh, knew this was going to happen, unfortunately, it is occurring much sooner than many of us in the neighborhood want it to. Just to add thanks to Don for highlighting this since we might have missed it with being out of town. Anyway, we walked over and had dinner here last night and as usual, it hit the spot. (Will place a brief write up in the thread for the restaurant). Mary and Eric, thanks for pouring yourselves into the restaurant and the community and we will see you weekly and on the night of the Final "last call".
  6. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and feel free to keep them coming. Unfortunately, she stated in DC, so that does rule out Eve, 2941, and others. I do agree that one person's romantic may not work for others. Did had several of the recommendations, but a few I had not thought of. Finally, Don, as far as no good b-ball players since "The Stilt" and JoJo, what about Danny Manning and the '88 Championship (pre-three knee surgeries)?
  7. Have been a member for over 2 years now, but more of a lurker than a poster. Will work on improving that. I have a female coworker who is somewhat new to DC and her boyfriend is about to deploy overseas for the next year. She asked me for suggestions on a nice romantic place to go eat (that isn't cheesy in her words) in the city of DC. I have some ideas, but was hoping to give her some options that range the price scale (not all expensive, break the bank if you understand). Would appreciate any suggestions that each of you might have. Thanks in advance for the assistance, Chris
  8. For the entire month of September, 5% of all draught beer sales at both the Brickskeller and RFD Washington will be donated to the Red Cross to help those affected by Katrina. The Brickskeller and RFD Washington will match those totals collected from draught beer sales and double the contribution. So you can do two very good things at once. You can drink great beers from the keg and help those truly in need.

    Happy Hour

    Every Monday after 5pm, you can order a bottle of wine or champagne for half price with the order of an entree at Andale. And I believe that they currently have added Saturday to the 1/2 price wine night through Labor Day.
  10. From my one bite (and that was all I was allowed;-), it was not strong at all. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised that the goat cheese was rather understated. I went back to eating my scallops and the potato puree with mushrooms and had no lingering strong cheese flavor. Someone who has enjoyed that entire entree might want to weigh in, especially if I am incorrect before crazeegirl goes tonight.
  11. This is an interesting topic. I don't think there are power restaurants in DC like there was when I first moved to DC in 1993. Now don't get me wrong, there are a variety of places that you may see Administration, Hill types, and the national press at, but I think that with DC becoming a much better city to eat in, that has changed over the years. And for that, we should all be thankful! I remember when I first moved to town and there was basically steakhouses and French restaurants. I would say for members of the House and Senate and their staffs, there really aren't that many restaura
  12. Well, I finally went to Corduroy last night and not surprisingly came away quite happy and content. My dining companion was running behind slightly so I started with a glass of the Cristom Pinot Gris from Oregon, which is a nice version of this wine, at the bar. Gotta love those Oregon Pinot Gris and Noirs. Anyway, she eventually showed up, so we moved to the dining room. She started with the field green salad (I believe) with lemon dressing and said that it was quite good. I decided to go with the much discussed already Lobster Salad - it was in a word, "Wow." I am not big on anything that i
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