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The only thing more unstable than the stock market right now is the kitchen at Westend Bistro. The dust has not yet settled, but diners should prepare for big changes, effective immediately. It would not be in good form for me to name names at this point, but suffice it to say that none of The Three Musketeers were at work last night.

Speaking of kitchen changes, many people know that Brendan Cox is no longer at Circle Bistro. But I thought I'd mention two talented chefs who will be joining Brendan at DC Coast: Daniel Polk, Sous Chef at Circle Bistro, and Sam Whitcomb, Chef de Cuisine at Notti Bianche. At Notti Bianche, Sous Chef Suzie Greenbergs will presumably become Chef de Cuisine (not confirmed).

Best of luck to Westend Bistro, Circle Bistro, and Notti Bianche: It sounds like they're all three going to need it.

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Hear the dust will settle Tuesday. Wonder how the food has been with the three musketeers MIA?

I was pretty unimpressed at lunch yesterday. The calamari, a favorite of mine, was a bit soggy and the tartar sauce was watery. The fries I had were soggy as well. Hopefully things get back to normal soon.

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While praising Marino's cooking skills, Ripert, who mentored the chef for almost six years at the acclaimed Le Bernardin in New York, told me: "Talent doesn't excuse misbehavior and arrogance." Part of the job of a head chef is "to create and keep a team together," he added.

Who in the hell is Eric Ripert to be criticizing a chef and his team who have been down here busting their asses for the past year?

By his own definition, Ripert is apparently not much of a "head chef," whose job is "to create and keep a team together." In terms of Washington, DC, Eric Ripert is a nobody, and has been since day one.

I will miss Leo Marino, Rob Berry, and Ricky King. They made Westend Bistro into a great kitchen by their own talents and merits, and without any help from New York.

The new chef is Joey Palma, who just came down from Le Bernardin. Welcome to Washington, Chef Palma, and we all wish you the best of luck. You have some big shoes to fill - three pairs to be exact.


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