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Amoo's (Formerly Amoo's Kabob), Chesterbrook - Chef Sebastian Oveysi's Traditional Persian Stews, Rice Dishes, and Kabobs, Now With A Food Truck Too

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Hubby and I went on Saturday for lunch and were really impressed with the food.  We definitely will be back to try other things on the menu.  Service was very nice, but a little slow as there was just one waiter, but he was very, very nice and was handling it well!  The iced tea was very good, not your normal liptons, and I really enjoyed it.  We started with hummus, which I thought was a very good hummus, very smooth.  I liked the bread with it, it had a nice pillowy rise to it, I have a hard time getting my flatbreads to have this type of rise, would love to learn how they make this!  Hubby had the bakhtiari which he loved, and already ate the leftover of it before I could steal them!  I had a bite and I really liked the seasoning in it.  I had the Gheymeh Bademjan, which on a day in which it rained- the whole entire day- this was just perfect.  I thought it had nice texture to it, with a lot of flavor.  I took some of this home too.  The entrees are definitely two meals for Hubby and I.  We would love to take our parents here, I think they would like this place.  Next time I might try a special or something more different, but we loved these dishes.

One gentle suggestion- you should think about playing light music at lunch- it seemed pretty busy, but we could here the rhythmic sound of the AC, and the phone was a little loud, but some light music would have covered that up, and just added a bit to the experience.  You all might normally do this and may have just forgotten as it did get busy very quickly once we walked in the door.

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