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Michael Landrum on MSNBC


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That's all...

So, imagine my surprise when out of the corner of my eye, I spotted Michael Landrum on MSNBC at about 11 o'clock this morning! A couple of minutes later, my colleague shouted, "hey, that's the Ray's guy on MSNBC!" Yep.

So, of course, he was chatting about Hell Burger, and the Obama visit. The talking head tried to get him to spill his secret recipe - he demurred. And when he started to opine on the good that the Obamas are doing for small businesses in the DC area, leading by example, etc. - the anchor wrapped up the interview.

Nice job, Michael.

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I heard excerpts of I'm New Here on NPR. Go get it now.

This is exactly the type of post that would get deleted at Chowhound. Go figure.

[ironically, I just now deleted three older posts in this thread because they were nothing but broken links to Youtube (and therefore made no sense) - one of them was my own!

In general, when you insert a link - especially in a one-word post without additional context, please DO link to a URL that will be around in a few months.]

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