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Dining near 1st Mariner Arena

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Can anyone recommend a good place? Price and cuisine totally open.


Unfortunately, the immediate surrounding area is the central business district, so you've just got a bunch of sandwich shops, weigh-and-pays, and chains. The closest sit-down restaurant is Shula's steakhouse. If you're willing to walk a few blocks east, you've got Harborplace and The Capital Grille. There are several chain restaurants in Harborplace, but the only one for which I have a real affinity is Edo Sushi, a local chain. If you're willing to walk a few more blocks east, Harbor East has many more restaurants, including a Roy's.

I don't really recommend walking West.

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weird- my post yesterday disappeared.

i mentioned two places- Alewife - for pub food and decent beer selection, and B&O in the Hotel Monaco- they just changed chefs but I hear good things. Planning to go tomorrow.

[Aargh, I'm sorry. I thought I cut-and-pasted all posts written between 2:30 and 6 PM (we had to roll back the system). I must have missed this one. B)]

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