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West African Restaurants

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On 4/21/2010 at 7:07 PM, juliusc91 said:

Any recommendations for other West African places? I have never been to one.

I'm no expert, and haven't been to many, but In the District you have the following (that I know of):

Ghanian: Ghana Cafe (Logan), Bukom (Adams Morgan), Akosombo (Mt. Vernon Square), Buka (H Street NE)

Sierra Leonean: Sumah's Carry out (Shaw)

Liberian: Kendejah (Brightwood)

Senegalese: Chez Aunty Libe (Brightwood/Manor Park)

Oddly I don't know of any Nigerian places.

I've only ever eaten at Kendejah and wasn't overly impressed. I've heard many good things about Chez Aunty Libe though. I believe Tod Kliman did a write-up on it when he was at the City Paper.

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There is an African food co-op that I drive by on weekends that I go to the Sharpshooters range in Lorton. It is only open on weekends and is right off I-95 and the Parkway, in the same plaza as Sharpshooters. I've been meaning to check it out, but discharging firearms is usually a higher priority at the time I've been in the neighborhood. I'll bet these people know where every African restaurant is located, as well as who owns them.

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