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Llajtaymanta, Bolivian in Falls Church - Closed

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On 8/5/2010 at 1:32 PM, Marty L. said:

Aren't you forgetting something? . . . . How was it?! (and how would you rank it vis-a-vis the other NoVa Bolivian joints?)

Llajtaymanta is the only other Bolivian restaurant that I've been to. Washingtonian had this:

Bolivian menus are typically endless variations on a single theme--beef. This one is more varied. ... There's also duck--a generous leg, thigh, and breast lightly deep-fried and served with a trio of starches: rehydrated potatoes mixed with eggs, rice, and boiled potato. You can have the same plate with a juicy fried quail instead.

Lots of Bolivian restaurants serve falso conejo, a pounded steak battered and deep-fried to approximate the texture and taste of rabbit. This one serves a kind of falso falso conejo: It's actually rabbit. Juicy, not stringy or tough, the lambreado de conejo is bathed in a tangy red-wine-and-tomato sauce and topped with strings of onion.

I had the duck at Llajtaymanta (IIRC, just salted and fried - no breading or other seasoning) and it was pretty good. Their empanada is a like a deflated football though (in size and not very good).

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