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Fresh Grill, Grilled-To-Order Sandwich Shop With Beer And Wine - Fairmont Avenue in Downtown Bethesda - Closed

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Fresh Grill opened this week on Fairmont Avenue in Bethesda.

When I checked the menu it was another burger place, which would put three in three blocks on this side of Bethesda (Burger Joint, Fresh Grill and Wing Hub. The first thought is that there is no way this area will support another burger place, especially if it is mediocre.

That is what it was mediocre and overpriced (I know that is shocking in Bethesda). A basic burger is 7.95 plus toppings extra buck or two. This week is 20% off for their opening week special (not advertised).

I wanted to like it and it wasn't bad - Just not good either. I think salt would have gone a long way (maybe even made it good).

Flavorless was the issue, I keep thinking. They are serving fresh fried potato chips and they were very crispy and fresh, but every bite I took was obviously missing something (I just kept thinking these would be great with some kosher salt and quality parmesan cheese).

If you try this place, you need to remember to say medium rare, I was told everything is cooked medium well unless you ask for less. I asked for less and thought it still could have used about a minute or so less on the grill - This burger still needed a quality salt seasoning, The bun had nothing either.

The counter help was very nice and really trying but needs some training and settle in time.

Bottom Line - If they learn to add salt and keep up the quality they have some potential, but my thought while eating was that I would have enjoyed BGR more

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I saw they opened the other day, too. I can't believe they would want to open another burger place in Bethesda, particularly so close to Burger Joint. Hell there's even a Crossfire not very far away either (not my cup of tea, but it is a burger joint). Ah well, we'll see if it lasts.

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I've driven and walked past Fresh Grill at least 20 times since it has opened and I really never had any interest in trying the place. The "look" and vibe screamed "CHAIN!" even though I really had no clue if that was true. I started to reconsider my aversion after skimming Brian Patterson's review in the Gazette (no other reviewer for the Gazette is even worth skimming). The review was quite upbeat, so I figured it was worth trying. Boy, am I glad I did. Though the review and the menu touts several types burgers that they offer, I couldn't eat a burger for a third day in row. So I picked the Porkalicious. I saw the cook grab a fresh piece of pork from the glass meat case, season it, and toss it on the grill while he also toasted my bun. I took the sandwich to go, hopped in my car, and planned to take one bite before I drove off. Instead, I didn't drive away until I finished the sandwich. The pork was juicy and the grilled peppers add a medium spicy kick. Very simple preparation but really good. Not close to being the best sandwich I've ever had, but certainly the best "fast-food" type sandwich I've had in a long time*. As I said, I drive by the place all the time it always seems barren. It shouldn't be. I only had one dish on the menu but my superficial take is that this place will not blow your socks off, but it lives up to the simplicity of its name of being fresh and grilled--and tasty, too. Give this place a try for a casual and affordable meal.



*Since it's grilled to order, I wouldn't call the service "fast", but neither is BGR. Also, the "best recent sandwich" title clearly goes to the Pattison Ave sandwich at Taylor Gourmet Deli...

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I've always liked this place-- I think the burgers and the fish (which is all I've tried) are great. I've never really understood why they decided to open a block from BGR but personally I prefer Fresh Grill to BGR. My fear has always been that they'd close for lack of business since I rarely see people there, but now it seems as though nearby construction has made it unsafe. Hope they can reopen soon.


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These guys got shut down and closed when the apartment building getting built next to them damaged the foundation of their location among a few others. I do not know if they were able to relocate anywhere yet, but if so, not in the Bethesda Triangle area.

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