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Clementine, Co-Owners Cristin Dadant and Chef Winston Blick Reopen in Hamilton - Closed

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Clementine is in a unique area of Baltimore that is unpopulated by the usual hip restaurants. This place has the feel of a general store, and they cure their own bacon and make other charcuterie. It's a great spot to bring kids; there's a cute play area off in the corner. Great assortment of sodas from rosemary lemon fizz, lime basil elixir, Cheerwine, and other drinks.

We went for breakfast. The waffles are fantastic - almost fried and funnel cake like with strawberries and whipped cream. There's an Elvis version with bacon, bananas and nutella as well, which I did not get to try. We ordered catfish with grits, corned beef hash, and their regular scramble. Be sure to ask for their housemade hot sauces that come in both green and red. Catfish was cooked to the right texture so that it didn't end up tough with great grits. The corned beef hash is unlike any other hash - the meat was high quality and came in chunks, lovely chunks of squash and potato. And I'm not sure what they put in their scramble of eggs, potatoes, red cabbage, onion and duroc bacon, but yum.

Definitely want to return to try their version of bi bim bap and charcuterie. This has definitely unseated Miss Shirley's as my favorite brunch spot in Baltimore.

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I did not realize that there is no topic on Clementine, located in Hamilton in Baltimore. Chef Winston Blick used to be at Sobo cafe in Federal Hill making that the spot for fancy comfort food while he was there. He struck out a few years ago to his own place, and over the past couple years added an in house charcuterie and canning shop as well. He definitely subcrbes to local and seasonal cuisine.

I had dinner last night with some friends- we started with their charcuterie plate. The chicken liver pate with allpice, maple syrup and black rum was delicious. I also liked the house made jaegerwurst. We sampled the crab and lobster pates, but they are not my thing. For drinks, had a nice dark & stormy and a vodka rosemary lemonade fizz.

My entree was pork cheeks with oysters accompanied by gouda mashed potatoes. Dessert was a yellow cake with hazelnut icing.

Correction- merged topics- thanks synasthaesia

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The waffles themselves here are exceptionally good and a bit greasy. But the Elvis waffle is not what you are hoping for, sadly. The Nutella and banana flavor are in the whipped cream that tops the waffle, and I'm really not sure where the bacon is. While still tasty, it's not nearly as indulgent as one might be prone to believe.

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Had New Year's Eve dinner with a group of friends over the weekend. Started with a nice aperol cocktail to toast the new year. The meal was a 5 course prix fixe- I started with a delicious lobster bisque with pickled carrots. My salad was made with greens topped with beautifully cured duck breast.

The next app was a sample of their housemade charcuterie: bresaola, sausage and pate. My main was a sausuge stuffed quail with chicken liver dirty rice, and asparagus with hollandaise. I could have eaten the rice alone - it was great.

For dessert- had a trio of fruit tart of lemon curd and strawberry-rhubarb chutney, eggnog cheesecake, and a chocolate torte.

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