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Todd Kliman Wins 2005 James Beard Journalism Award


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Journalism awards are strange creatures that you win on merit and merit alone--your peers sit down and read what you've created and say yes, this tells the story, this is the best.

or at least that's what journalists say when they win. When they lose, the competitions are rigged lousy things that nobody wanted in the first place.

I would have taken either position on behalf of Todd--if he won, it was indeed truly on merit--if he lost, it's because the competition hasn't figured out how to recognize the truly gifted in the field, 'cuz he's that good.

Since he won, though, I can simply say holy cow: Merit won. Congratulations!!!

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That is really awesome. The quality of food journalism in DC (say what you will about the Post's Food section -- at least we have one!) is another testament to why this is such a great place to live and eat.

Has Sietsema ever won a Beard award? Just curious.

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Well, at least something good happened for journalism.

Powerful writing is powerful writing.

You're setting the standards for everyone.


And next year and in years to come, I'll look for your name among the list of Pulitzer Prize finalists and winners.

Keep it up!

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I'm back in town, after a whirlwindy five days in NY (and nursing a head cold and a fever, wouldn't you know it?) But I just wanted to take a moment to thank everybody on here for the extremely kind words. Wow.

It's wonderful for any writer to know that there are readers out there; but to know that they are devoted and passionate readers, too ... really, what more could anyone ask for?

I'm thrilled, and floored, by these last few weeks.

bilrus, to answer your question: "Auteur de Force" was on minibar; "Mex Appeal" was about Little Mexico; and "Kid You Not" was about the boutiquing of baby goat. Three columns from the past year were required by the committee, with two being submitted from back-to-back weeks -- presumably, in order to demonstrate consistency. The third could be from any week, a wildcard. My editors opted to submit three weeks in a row.

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