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Bistro LaZeez, Acquired by Chef-Owner Razeez Osseiran in 2015 - Closed

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(The Google couldn't find an individual thread about this place, just a couple of posts in Dining In Bethesda)

I've only been to Bistro LaZeez for lunch, and found the food pretty good, with a couple of exceptions. The chicken sandwiches can be a little dry, so ask for extra sauce. Their felafel sandwich is my favorite: cruchy felafel with plenty of tahini, and lots of delicious slices of pickled turnip. Mazzas have been tasty, but IMO the hummus is better at Lebanese Taverna so get the Baba Ghanouj instead. :) Lentil soup was disappointing, consisting of just a few lentils floating in a thin, sour broth. Grilled chicken is very tasty.

It's a cute little place, service is pleasant, and the owner is very nice.

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Wow, I'm surprised nobody ever wrote about Bistro LaZeez here - here's a review of mine from 2011.

I haven't been since Chef Osseiran bought the restaurant in 2014 (I didn't even know it had been sold) - had anyone else gone between then and now? If so, what was your overall impression? I had Bistro LaZeez ranked in Italic, but that may well be artifact.

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