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Ireland's Four Courts, Courthouse - Irish Pub on Wilson Blvd. and N. Courthouse Road

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For those of you who might care, Ireland's Four Courts had a fire in their kitchen.

Latest update via Twitter from ARLnow.com is that the upstairs kitchen will be closed for at least a month, and the lunch service during the week is closed - they're open 2 PM - 2 AM weekdays, 10 AM - 2 AM weekends.

Hopefully my mug is okay!

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Somehow I managed to miss Don's witty response to my last post. o_O

Anyways, the kitchen has reopened. I went in there for the first time in a while Tuesday night to knock back a few mugs of Smithwick and get a pie of some sort.

Of course, it was fish & chips night ($9). They now have two fish and chips plate - a traditional one, and one with sweet potato fries and some other differences. I couldn't decide, but I really wanted pie, so I went with the chicken pot pie.

From what I was told, even if menu items are the same, they have different recipes now. My pot pie came with the usual brown bread, but it came in muffin form instead of a slice.

Much to its detriment, I'm afraid. The crust was very rubbery and tough, though I thought the bread itself was good.

The pie was quite tasty though the pastry top had the same problem - it was rubbery, but once cut was tasty.

They gave me a free try of the sweet potato fries. They're thicker than shoestring but not quite steak fries - they had a good sweet potato taste. I'm not a fan of sweet potato in that form, so I was "meh", but if you like sweet potatoes, I think you'll like 'em.

And I need to try the ale battered bangers at some point...

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The food here isn't great by any means, but this is a good place to have a private party.  I was here as part of a family gathering.  We had a private room.  Service was great, but food was so-so.  Liked the onion rings, calamari, didn't care for the nachos or the 5-layer dip although the tortilla chips were colorful and festive.  I liked my burger (bacon on it was especially good), someone liked the shepherd's pie and fish/chips, another thought her Guinness stew too salty.  Don't know how the other family members liked their food.  

What I did like was the way they itemized the bill.  For me and my husband, they charged us for our entrees and beer and had a split charge for the appetizers which were shared by all.  They also added a service charge so payment was simple--just pay the amount shown.  I've had better food, but the service and the ease of organizing a private party where everybody pays their share couldn't be easier.

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