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Founders' Restaurant and Brewing Company - Flounders.

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Saturday. Ordered their bratwurst for lunch. Holy Toledo! This brown, desiccated, chewy cylinder chopped into four hunks came out on what I can only believe was a bad supermarket "hoagie" roll. Not even any mustard. Disgusting.

You know that story about John Dillinger's penis being in the Smithsonian? It's not. I think I know where it is.

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We drove by Founder's last night, and it was dark. I tried their number today, and there was no answer. Their webpage hasn't changed or added any information. I went to Founder's two or three times in the past year. I always wanted to like the place, but the food was inconsistent, sometimes OK, sometimes not. The beer was OK as well, and my wife liked their weiss beer.

In the window was a permit for La Tasca. Apparently they're expanding into Old Town.

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