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Wara Wara, Izakaya-Karoke Bar in Annandale - From the Owners of Honey Pig, on Markham Road - Closed

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Looking for somewhere we could eat late, and not finding anywhere we wanted to try for sushi at that late hour, we settled on Izakaya Honey Pig other other night. Nothing spectacular, but it was fun.

The big miss was fried oysters. Too much breading.

Fried quid legs were a mixed reaction, i liked them, Kay did not. Chewy for sure, but to me that was their charm. A little pricy for the serving size.

Wasabi Tako was a lot of fun: a bed of seaweed salad, wasabi tobiko and very good octopus for $5.99.

Fabulous cold tofu for 3.99: huge hunk of very good tofu in a ponzu sauce with seaweed and shaved bonito. The big winner.

We had four yakitori {chicken meatballs, gizzards, asparagus wrapped in bacon, spicy rice cake} and ll were fine. I would do the $21 yalitori meat course on a newt visit, enough for two to split.

We drank mango soju {mango nectar, soju, sparkling water} for $8.99 a half liter.

All in all, fun. Not bad value proposition. P{rices much reduced from the original opening menu.

Especially after eating three appetizers, a 4 oz glass of wine and a very bad cocktail for $73 and two very mediocre tacos, a thin and not very good bowl of pozzole with stringy & dry pork plus a spectacular pout of draft North Coast Old Rasputin and a trio of Mezcal for $42 at two highly touted restaurants in the 10 days before.

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