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Colonel Brooks' Tavern, 901 Monroe Street NE in Brookland - Closed

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Despite a search and a look through the Dining Guide, I didn't see a thread on Colonel Brooks. I'm not 100% sure it deserves one (especially since it may not be long for this world), but since I ate there last night, and live only a few blocks away, I thought it worth posting.

There's not a lot too choose from in Brookland if you want to sit down to dinner in the neighborhood (San Antonio, B Cafe, Colonel Brooks), so this place is usually pretty busy on both weeknights and weekends. Service is frequently quite slow, although usually pretty friendly.

After 4-5 dinners there, I have to recommend sticking with the appetizers, burgers, and sandwiches and more or less avoiding the entrees (the two we had were decent, but nothing we couldn't make at home). The pub grub has been pretty satisfying every time.

Last night I went with the California Turkey Burger (seasoned, grilled, fresh ground turkey topped with roasted red pepper and guacamole) and my only complaint was that the burger was a little small for the oversized bun. But it was well-seasoned and the guac was a nice addition. I don't really care if the fries here are fresh or frozen because the spice they season them with is ridiculously addicting. I wasn't that hungry and still ended up polishing mine off. Yum.

My +1 had their Steak & Cheese Po Boy, which was basically a normal steak and cheese but on "New Orleans French bread." The bite I had was really tasty (more brisket than normal ribeye or whatever is in steak and cheese). Our other friend had the Hickory Burger (with canadian bacon, melted cheddar cheese and bbq sauce) and seemed to like it as well. I noticed that it was even cooked to his medium rare specifications.

Colonel Brooks isn't going to win any fine dining or service awards, and I do think their beer is a bit overpriced ($19 for a pitcher of Bud Light?!), but when I want to walk somewhere in the neighborhood for burger and fries, it's nice to have a decent option.

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I'm sure I'm one of many people who have fond memories of Colonel Brooks for reasons not related to the food. When I first moved to DC, I lived at Catholic as an intern. This being just weeks after the multiple homicide occurred there, it was impressive how the community rallied around this place (and were relieved when the crime was solved years later).

Having said that, I'd agree that the burgers and sandwiches are the best bet - I really enjoyed the Reuben on repeat visits, and also thought the Monte Carlo burger (with canadian bacon, turkey, cheese, and russian dressing) was good toward end of the night (though maybe the kind of thing you can only get away with eating in college)

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My fond memories too are from being at Catholic, as a law student and many times it was the only place we could eat when the two cafeterias we had access to were closed. The food was never good. Above is right stick to a burger, but it was at least somewhere we could eat a sit down meal and talk with friends.

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I didn't go to school at CUA, but I've been to Hartke Theater for several operas, and this was "the" place to go beforehand.

There's a good thread on the development plans at brooklandavenue.com.

An astute member has informed me that Colonel Brooks Tavern is not only closed, it's bulldozed!

Kind of sad, but progress goes on, I suppose. They were active supportes of the CUA Opera Company and Hartke Theater.

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